The Practice of Science

The Practice of Science, a documentary by John Whitehead

How does science work? World-renowned bee expert and MacArthur Genius Grant winner, Dr. Marla Spivak, shares her take on the scientific method. Did you ever wonder if bees sleep? Dr. Spivak does! Produced for Bell Museum Productions, 2012.

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Minnesota: A History of the Land

Minnesota, a History of the Land

Minnesota: A History of the Land tells the story of the people and landscapes of Minnesota. From the retreat of the last ice sheets to the growth of today’s suburbs. The series seeks to entertain as it enriches our understanding of Minnesota’s past, present and future. Features an Emmy-Award winning original soundtrack by Peter Ostroushko.…

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Precious Waters

This short film takes a hard look at the sulfide mining industry’s history of failed predictions and toxic pollution and the potential impacts on northeastern Minnesota from proposed mines. Produced by the Friends of The Boundary Waters. John Whitehead: Writer, Director, Editor

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